Hawking, Dawkins, Squawking

  If it were not for fact that blind naive gullible ignorant people are misled into blasphemous error, the tirades of atheists and evolutionists would be humorous. Check their work. They find it hard to stay on track. From one article to the next, from one "discovery" to the next, they are constantly adjusting, explaining, revising, updating their previous declarations that they once presented as the ultimate truth. But when you are dishonest and have no basis for morality, when you consider yourself superior to all poor mortals except the elite God-haters, when you think you have a monopoly on wisdom and information, it does not make any difference how many times you shoot down your own stupidity, you feel perfectly free to rise up again and proclaim the same nonsense as before only in different ways.

  What a difference to the truth of God that is sure, certain, steadfast, constant and unmovable. If you read the works of these God-haters you see more and more reason why we can declare without fear of contradiction that the theories of atheism and evolution have yet to contribute one benefit to humanity but has been destructive of much good.