He Comes at Us Three Ways

  His goal is the lead us to sin. He knows that sin means our destruction. He cannot force us to do wrong but he tempts us to do wrong. How does Satan do that? If we know we can be on guard?

  He attacks us the same way he did Eve and Christ. He comes at us through the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life (First John 2: 16). Check it for yourself. Consider any temptation. You can put it in one of these groups.

  It is no sin to be tempted but it is sin to yield to temptation. Overcoming temptation can be strengthening. There is always a way of escape (First Corinthians 10: 13).

  One suggestion: Put distance between you and the opportunity to sin just as Joseph did. We need not sin when we can avoid it by following the will of the Lord in our lives. You agree?