He Did Not Answer My Prayer

  Some complain that they prayed but God did not answer. Wait a minute, now! Don't be too hasty in drawing that conclusion.

  God does not always say YES to us. But that does not mean He did not answer. It means He did not answer the way we preferred. Sometimes God, in His infinite wisdom and knowledge as to what is best for us, says NO, or even WAIT. He may answer in a way we had not considered previously. Just because we do not receive just exactly what we sought does not mean God turned His back on us or broke His promise to hear the prayers of His children.

  Our petitions must always be offered with the attitude that what God wants is what we want even if it is not what we originally sought. THY WILL BE DONE is the proper frame of mind. God is mindful of us, cares for us, hears us and responds according to what is best for us. His Word assures us of that. We do not always know what is best. But He does. So we accept His answer.