He Did Not Lie

  Not only did Paul teach it was wrong to lie but he did not lie even in the things he wrote. "Now the things which I write unto you, behold, before God, I lie not" (Gal. 1: 20). Of course he did not lie What he said and wrote was by revelation from God (Gal. 1: 11, 12).

  Men so often take it upon themselves to "correct" the inspired teaching found in Scripture. How could people make themselves so foolish as that? Somehow there are those who think they are so much better informed and wiser than God and His writers but they only betray how empty they are. Actually, they are the liars.

  The reason the gospel account is so important is because it is God's truth to man. It is the truth that will make man free from his bondage of sin. The writings of men can never accomplish what God's Word does.

  The world will probably never respect God's Word because it condemns so much of his evil behavior. But God's Word is not a lie and man's rebellion against does not alter one truth found therein. It remains the same.