He Didn't Want Trouble

  You cannot blame people for not wanting trouble. But sometimes the prevention of trouble puts you on the wrong side of things. To some people peace is the ultimate goal but that is fallacious. Truth is far more important than peace. Peace won't make you free.

  There was a great riot in Ephesus because of the preaching of Paul that had cut into the worship of Diana. Those who made little images of Diana were creating a stir. The town clerk told them everybody knows that Ephesus worships Diana and they ought not cause trouble over what Paul was preaching. So he dismissed the assembly (Acts 19:41).

  He avoided more trouble but he got on the side of an idol against the truth. He was concerned for himself and not the truth. Is that not the way it is with so many even yet? We don't want trouble. But to align yourself against the truth to avoid it is making a very wrong decision.