He Had a Plan

  There are very few Biblical characters that enjoyed as much success in their efforts as Nehemiah. But there were several essential components working together that brought such victory to him and Israel in the rebuilding of the wall of Jerusalem that Nebuchadnezzar had destroyed many years earlier when Babylon conquered Judah.

  We only want to mention one very important part of his success because without this part most of the other parts would not have seen the light of day. Nehemiah had a plan.

  This man, after dedicating himself to the task and praying to God for His help, went to Jerusalem then quietly went all about the city determining what was there, what had to be done, who and how it could be accomplished. He had it all worked out in his mind before he even told anybody else about why he had come to Jerusalem.

  Now that is good leadership at work. Those who lead the church to do its work should take note.