He Had the Opportunity and Blew It

  Jeroboam is one of the most pitiful characters of the Bible. Because Solomon had been unfaithful to God, God determined to take ten tribes from the house of David and give them to Jeroboam. But he also promised Jeroboam success and good favor if he would only be obedient to the Lord. He became the first king of Northern Israel but was so wicked that his name was a name that lived in infamy all the history of those people.

  There was no excuse. He had seen what defiance of the commandment of God had done to Solomon. He was offered God's good favor. But he became a real "change agent" by altering nearly everything God directed. I suppose there just will be those who think they know better than the Lord and insert their own foolishness in the place of His infallible will.

  But has Jeroboam been the last to act that way. He was not the first nor the last. How much like him are you and I? Why is it so difficult for us to learn the lessons taught from the events and people of the past? Wake up!