He Had to Obey

  It is pathetic to hear some people contend there are commands of God we can ignore. They don't see any sense to them so they dismiss them as unimportant. Ask the prophet of 1 Kings 13 that was sent to condemn Jeroboam whether God's commands should be obeyed. Why didn't God want him to spend more time in Israel but to come back to Judah? Does it make any difference why God wanted that? Who are we to question Him?

  The prophet was deceived and disobeyed God's command. Did it matter that he thought he was doing right? The fact is that he disobeyed. Do you understand that? Because he did not obey, he did not return home safely.

  If we would work to obey as hard as we sometimes work to disobey we would be in better condition. When God says obey, wonder what He wants?