He Made the Effort

  Among the several outstanding qualities that characterized Zacchaeus was that when he faced a difficulty in reaching his goal he did not quit or turn away but made the effort necessary to reach success. Wanting to see Jesus but being of small stature and not able to see over the crowd he ran forward and climbed a sycamore tree so he could see the Lord as He passed by.

  His effort was rewarded far more than he expected because the Lord went home with Him. Salvation had come to his house.

  When we encounter obstacles in our service to the Lord we might remember this unique man, not give up, but make necessary arrangements to by-pass the hindrances and reach our goals. A slow reading of Luke 19: 1-10 with serious meditation would give us spiritual encouragement. There is an audio lesson about Zaccaheus on this website, Category 5; Lesson 5.