He Made Two Requests

  In the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15) the son is reported to have made two requests. But what a difference in them. They reflect the great change that took place in the heart of that son and the result of that change.

  His first request was "give me" (verse 12). This showed his greed, self-will, desire to please himself and disregard for the father. That attitude took him into a far country and eventually to the swine pit.

  His second request was, "Make me" (verse 19). Now his attitude was one of humility, submission, reflecting his new desire to please the father and live his life acceptably. This attitude led him to return home and be received by a loving and forgiving father.

  Consider the difference between "give me" and "make me." One exalts self while the other exalts the father. Which of these two request reflects our attitude today as we go about our duties?