He Really Meant It

  Some might doubt his sincerity but I certainly do not. Christ had just told His apostles of His imminent trials and how they would react toward them. He prayed that their faith would not fail them. Peter was so confident that he would not fail and said, "Lord, I am ready to go with thee, both into prison, and to death" (Luke 22:33). Of course, we later learn he was not near as strong as he considered himself at that moment. But after his three denials, take a look at his life and you will see the demonstration of genuine penitence for his sin which only magnifies how sincere he was when he said what he did to the Lord.

  We might often consider ourselves stronger than we really are. We can be very sincere about our determination to stay close to the Lord. But Satan is strong also and can tempt us and draw us away if we are not ever alert. Should we stumble as did Peter, will we return as strongly as did he in the Master's service? We can, should, and hopefully always would.