He Said He Did Not Know Him

  Most Bible students know who said he did not even know Christ. Of course, he was not telling the truth and was trying to protect himself without giving proper consideration to what he was doing to the Lord. He even cursed and swore his denial of knowledge.

  Yet, some people teach "once saved you cannot fall so as to be lost." Peter did not know that or he would not have gone out a wept bitterly. But his was a remarkable comeback, wasn't it? He preached the first gospel sermon on Pentecost, took the gospel to the Gentiles at the house of Cornelius, was such a stalwart apostle as recorded in the first chapters of Acts, wrote two of the New Testament epistles. He made a terrible mistake but he overcame it.

  The point of this brief article is that we make mistakes but we can overcome them. We need not be like Judas and just quit and destroy ourselves. We can be like Peter.

  A longer study of this blunder by Peter can be heard on this website, Category 5, Lesson 143, Peter's Mistakes.