He Shot an Arrow

  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote, "I shot an arrow into the air, it fell to earth I knew not where..." There was another fellow who shot and arrow and he did not know where it went either. But we do.

  Before Ahab went into battle against Syria God's prophet told him he would suffer defeat and die. Ahab disguised himself in a effort to cancel God's judgment against Him. 1 Kings 22: 34, "And a certain man drew a bow at a venture, and smote the king of Israel between the joints of the harness..." The wound was fatal. He was not successful in avoiding God's judgment.

  There is a tremendous lesson here for us. We cannot mock God nor should we deceive ourselves by thinking we can deceive God. (Gal. 6: 7,8). Others may not learn this and it will be their destruction. But will you and I learn it? Let us do what we can to avoid sin, seek forgiveness when we sin, and never, EVER think we can cancel God's judgments against it.