He Slapped Him

  There were some terrible people surrounding the events of the persecution of Christ. When Christ was taken before the high priest and quizzed regarding His teaching, Jesus discreetly advised that he ask those He had taught what he taught. Nothing was done secretly. It was then that one zealot struck Jesus with the palm of his hand (John 18: 22).

  The man either resented what Jesus said or thought he was justified in doing this because Jesus did not answer the high priest the way he thought He should answer. Whatever be his motive, his deed was atrocious. How would you like to stand before God in judgment having done such a thing?

  But people "slap" the Lord every day as they deny and defy Him. Do people actually think they can treat our Savior this way and get away with it? Evidently they do. We can only hope this poor man might have been among the many who were later converted to Christ? If not, his eternity of doom is sealed. So it will be with all who "slap" the Lord.