He Told the Wrong Story

  Saul was dead. A man came to David and told him he had helped kill Saul at Saul's request. Evidently, David didn't buy that and had the man slain. The truth is that Saul killed himself falling on his own sword.

  Just why the man told the tale he did may be discussed forever. He possibly thought David would be proud of the man who had killed his enemy. But David respected Saul as king and would not have concurred with the man's actions. He obviously miscalculated on David's reaction.

  Would it not have better for him to have simply told the truth rather than suffering for a lie? Along that line, why would be apostles suffer for a "lie" (the resurrection of Christ) when the "truth" (Jesus was still dead) would give them honor? They suffered for the TRUTH; not a lie. They preached the resurrected Christ. It cost them, but standing for truth always does.