He Was Not the Last

  We do not know how long John the Baptist was in prison before his death. What brought it to reality was Herod's birthday celebration at which time, Salome, a daughter of Herodias by a former marriage, danced before the sensuous, drunken and reveling king and his princes. He was so pleased that he intemperately and extravagantly offered her even half of his kingdom. But her request was as her mother had ordered:; namely, the head of John the Baptist on a charger

  Herod was sorry about her request, not because he had any real concern for John. He would have had him killed earlier but he feared the reactions of the multitudes who considered him a prophet from God. But now, before his princes, and facing his pride, he could not change his offer to Salome and he had John beheaded. Herod is not the last to have bowed to do evil because of the pressures around him.