He Went and Washed

  The man was born blind. Jesus made clay and placed it on his eyes and commanded him to go to the pool and wash. The Scripture simply says he went and washed and received his sight.

  A miracle? Certainly. Another demonstration of the power of Christ! But when was that power useful to the blind man? Was it not when he did what he was commanded to do?

  Who can doubt this man believed in Jesus? What we see is faith in action. This is the way faith must be if it is to benefit the believer. A dead faith would have done him no good. His faith did not give Jesus the power to heal him. Jesus already had the power. But the power of Jesus blessed him when he coupled his faith with deeds.

  So it is with our spiritual salvation. Christ has power to save. But when does He save? It is when we couple our faith with deeds of obedience to the commands of the gospel.