He Will Tell You

  The Lord told Cornelius to send for Peter and "he shall tell you what thou oughtest to do" (Acts 10: 6). For Cornelius to be saved he had to first hear the gospel. There is no salvation apart from the Word of God (James 1: 21). Cornelius sent for Peter because he was told that Peter would "tell thee words whereby thou and all thy house shall be saved" (Acts 11: 14).

  When Peter arrived he did exactly what he was supposed to do. He told his brethren later in Jerusalem that he preached to the Gentiles so they "should hear the word of the gospel and believe" (Acts 15: 7). The reason the Word must be preached is because of the necessity of faith which comes by hearing the Word of God (Rom. 10: 17).

  Possibly if there was more concern with attending to the work of preaching so the world could hear and less concern about buildings, recreational halls, acceptance by the world, entertainment and showmanship more people would be saved.