Heed the Warning

  With all the tragic news coming from Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas relating to the hurricanes, there is something we can learn. Repeatedly the residents were warned to evacuate the areas that were to get hit. Many people simply ignored the warning, defied the warning, scoffed at the warning and they suffered the consequences. Why in the world would they be so foolish to act that way? Many others heard the same warning and took cover.

  Everyone of us have received warnings from God, a far more reliable source than the weather bureau. We are warned against sin. We are told how to be saved. We are warned of the judgment. Yet many treat God's warnings as flippantly as some have treated the warnings about the hurricanes. This is far more serious than Katrina or Rita or any such thing.

  We can see the folly of those who went their own way in those states. Why cannot we see the folly of disobeying our Creator and Judge?