Heresy In His Testimony

  While briefly listening to a denominational radio program yesterday someone was testifying about his past and how he disliked the churches of Christ because they kept telling him he must conform to "their way," as he put it. He did not like anybody telling him he had to go "their way." If the poor man had opened his Bible he would have learned that what he called "their way" was God's teaching. But he concluded he finally was happy in a church where what you teach and believe is not that important just so long as you believe in Jesus. The host pastor said, "Amen." Well, that is the depth of conviction to God's Word you find in denominations.

  Paul disagreed. He said if anyone, even an angel, taught differently that what he and the other apostles had taught, "Let him be anathema" (Gal. l: 6-9).  That means more than simply disapproved. It means to be cut off from God. So maybe it does matter what one teaches after all.

  How do you convince denominational people Paul was right? You probably cannot since they go by "their way" and God's Word can just be set aside.