The Herod Family

  It is unquestionably an interesting and informative study to learn about the Herod family as their lives touched events recorded in the New Testament. While there were so many more in that family, there seems to be nine men and three women who are specifically named in connection with Palestine, Pilate, John the Baptist, Paul, Christ, and several others. They were not God's friends but were vicious and loathsome characters whose sins piled atop more sins.

  Herod the Great is probably the most noted , followed closely by a grandson named Herod Antipas. Other prominent names include Herodias, Bernice, Driscilla, a couple of men named Philip. All of them figured in what happened just before, during and immediately after the time of Christ on earth and the days of the early church.

  All this is said to encourage you to secure a dictionary, Bible encyclopedia, concordance and New Testament and learn more about New Testament Christianity in connection with these people.