His Choice Ruined Him

  Bible students are familiar with the choice Abraham offered Lot as to what land he desired for himself. Because both men were wealthy and it was considered inadequate to supply them both, Abraham graciously gave Lot his choice of territory. We recall how he chose the well-watered plains that were toward Sodom. He considered that the best. A rather selfish choice to be sure.

  Because Sodom was the kind of city it was Lot actually made the worst choice he could make. He threw himself into the environment of the worst people. When Sodom was destroyed Lot lost all his possessions and much of his family. Nobody would consider he chose wisely.

  We can learn a lot from Lot. Be careful regarding your choices about people, places, activities. What may seem at first to be in your favor could become your doom without sufficient caution. It worked that way for Lot. He could and should have known better but he was blinded by his own selfish desire rather than what was really best.