His Kingdom Will Not Change

  The word "change" has become sickening. Everybody talks about "change." But the changes that need to be made are not even considered. There is a gigantic movement in this country and the world to change America by removing the basic principles of the Constitution, turning the nation into a secular humanist society alongside a barbarous Islam, making Christianity illegal and destroying the Bible. That would be a change.

  But so many are so blind and naive and think such could not happen. With the incoming administration a gigantic step in that direction will be taken. The America that was honorable and good has become a despicable nation of vile and immoral people. Their lives and leaders reflect the "change" that has overtaken this nation for the worse.

  But the Lord's kingdom will not change. Nor will the citizens of it. Nor will its "Constitution," the Bible. Only those faithful in that kingdom will survive the onslaught against righteousness that dominates the scene and they shall be the ones to inhabit heaven.