History Comes into Focus

  Paul called it the "fullness of the time" (Gal. 4: 4). He simply meant that all the things God had foretold through His prophets and with His promises finally came to pass with the coming of Christ. Everything that had gone before pointed to the coming of Christ and His kingdom and from the day of Pentecost even until the present everything points back to that notable day of the Lord when the types, shadows, figures presented in the Old Testament and under former ages came to fruition. Pentecost puts history in focus.

  The wonderful plan God designed and delivered for the salvation of man from before the beginning of the world became a reality when Peter preached that first gospel sermon exalting Christ and telling men how to take advantage of what the Lord's only begotten Son had accomplished.

  Today we live subject to that glorious system. How blessed we are we can be saved. The matter before each one is whether we will obey.