Hitler and Evolution

  What does Adolf Hitler, brutal tyrant of Germany, and evolutionists have in common? Evolutionists believe they both sprang from the same non-living substance. Just how that could ever by goes without an answer. But that brings us to what they share in common.

  A. Hitler had the theory that if you would tell a lie, make it a big one and tell it over and over again until those who refuse to think begin to accept it to be true. This is the way he promoted Nazism and brought the world to chaos called World War II. Similarly, evolutionists lie. Their hypothesis is as ridiculous as it is anti-Biblical and anti-scientific. But Charles Darwin got it going in a big way and the God-haters of society picked it up and have used it as their prime tool to try to run God out of the universe.

  The fact that it is a lie does not bother its advocates. They tell it often, loudly, as if they could prove it in spite of how much truth it contradicts. And sure enough! Those who refuse to think accept it.