Holy Spirit as Intercessor

  Romans 8: 26 teaches the Holy Spirit in the intercessor here. While Scriptures teach there is only one mediator, Jesus Christ (1 Tim. 2: 5), to intercede on the behalf of another is not limited to Christ. Intercession is making a please for another. We can and do make intercession for each other in prayer. That the Holy Spirit can and does make intercession for the Christian when the Christian does not know how to pray for himself is the thrust of the passage.

  Verse thirty-four of the same chapter teaches Christ also makes intercession for us. We pray through Christ (John 14: 6). The intercession of the Holy Spirit is "according to the will of God," which means even  when the Holy Spirit intercedes for us Christ is not by-passed. This is a blessing extended only to those "in Christ." How could it by-pass Him?