Homosexuality is Sinful

  You may disagree but you are wrong. God condemns it and that settles it. Of course, many deny the Bible teaching. But so what? That does not change homosexuality from being sinful.

  There are those who promote this perversion and compare it to being black, handicapped or persecuted. NOT SO! It is a recognition of God's truth like it or not. Ask those of Sodom if it makes any difference?

  Some politicians condone homosexuality as acceptable. Some do not. God bless those who do not. No Christian will support a politician or party that condones blatant evil like homosexuality. Immorality is immorality.

  Our nation runs toward its destruction with the homosexual agenda being condoned and promoted. It is not hate to oppose sin. Those who condone homosexuality are the most intolerant people among us. They demand everybody accept their degeneracy. Sorry, Charlie! It will not ever be so.