Honest, Sincere Servants of Satan

  Because honesty and sincerity are virtues that a Christian must possess, some are so brain-dead as to think honesty and sincerity is all the matters. Can one be honest and sincere and be an infidel? Certainly he can. Can one be a Buddist or Muslim and kill those of other religions and be honest and sincere? Yes. Was not Saul of Tarsus honest and sincere when he was making havoc of the church? Where did people get the idea that honesty and sincerity is all that counts?

  People have been taught this nonsense for years by their religious teachers for whom truth has no special concern. Denominational clergymen have propagated this idea over and over again in order to cover their departures from the revealed will of God. Now many, if not most, do not think truth matters but only if you can claim honesty and sincerity.

  You can be honest and sincere an be as wrong as can be. You are correct by accepting what Jesus taught. You must be honest and sincere. You have to be more than just honest and sincere to please God.