Honor the Honorable

  "Marriage is honorable in all..." (Heb. 13: 4). But this does not teach that everything men call marriage is honorable. The verse continues to show that neither fornication nor adultery is  honorable. Degenerate people try viciously to destroy marriage as God intended. They either ignore it or pervert it.

  So-called "same-sex" marriage is sodomy, vile, perversion, an abomination and will never be anything else. That some even talk about it only shows how morally corrupt society is.

  While we must obey the laws of the land, we cannot consider the laws of the land the authority regarding marriage and divorce. God has revealed His will on that subject and those who love God will abide by it. Marriage consists of one man, one woman, "till death do us part," with the exclusive exception that allows divorce given in Matthew nineteen.