How About Preparing to Live

  Preparation cannot be overestimated regardless of what you undertake to do. It really means the difference between success and failure. The better prepared we are the more likely we shall accomplish what we want to do.

  Preachers preach a lot about making preparations to die. That is of major importance. But we shall not be prepared to die until we first prepare ourselves to live. We must learn to live like the Lord intended for people to live. We cannot just bash our way through life satisfying ourselves to the neglect of our own spiritual welfare and that of those around us.

  Each day we live is a two-fold day. (1) We prepare to improve and grow and do better every day. (2) We actually live life to the fullest in Christ. As we go about daily tasks that demand our attention, keep in mind that life is intended to be a blessing, not a curse. If we shall prepare our hearts and minds to live righteously we shall be prepared to make life a joy.