How Can the Atheist Say It Is Wrong?

  Murder is a matter of morality. Morals do not come from mindlessness but from a moral mind. Almost everybody follows some moral code. From where did it come? Did apes get together one day and decide they needed a moral code? But if there is no God, whose code is right? Why is not one as good as the other? How can the atheist say this code is right and another wrong when there is no supreme authority? So if a man murders an atheist, why is that necessarily wrong? If the atheist is right in denying God exists he has no basis to object except he does not like it.

  Rocks, trees, rivers have no morality. Morality comes from God. Without God every man is his own god. So if this man say, "I think it is right to kill you," how does the atheist say he is wrong?

  The truth is that atheism is totally destructive to humanity and has never produced one single beneficial contribution to the welfare of this world. Compare that with what true service to the true and living God has produced. "The fool hath said in his heart there is no God" (Psalm 14:1).