How Can These Things Be?

  Misunderstanding is commonplace. Nicodemus had just heard Jesus teaching him about being born again. He confused a physical birth with which he was acquainted with the spiritual birth Jesus was teaching. Therefore, He did not understand. So he asked, "How can these things be?" Jesus proceeded to teach him about being born again, its importance, significance and necessity to enter the kingdom of God.

  We read of many thing in Scripture that do not come plain and easily grasped at first reading. So we study, meditate, compare scriptures, and in this way we answer what puzzles us. We may read about the origin of Satan, the resurrection of the body, what heaven will be like, and so many other things about which we may ask, "How can these things be?"

  But even if we never come to understand, we can be confident things will be as God reveals. We can be confident that much of our misunderstanding will continue until all is made clear in heaven. But we can understand what to do to be saved and should hasten to do it.