How Can You Tell When He Is Lying?

  With the present President, you tell he is lying when he is talking. He is that way regarding those he appoints, the exclusion of  lobbyists, a bipartisan tone, the so-called "stimulus" package which is only a stimulus for "fat cats," political pay-offs to left win organizations, his determination to protect our nation from terrorists, his "non-Muslim" promotion, but more recently his declaration that killing an innocent person is horrible. He has already advocated that with the millions of murders of unborn children. He lies. There is not an abortion that the President does not approve.

  Those of us who prefer to follow Christ rather than the humanistic deranged population of the majority of voting America can and must realize the enemies of God that now control this government. While we have to obey the laws until the government demands our violation of God's, there is nothing anywhere that says we dare not criticize the enemies of God who are systematically, intentionally and with calculation destroying the moral and spiritual integrity of this nation and its heritage.

  One enemy we face is weak coward who will not only not oppose God's enemies, but who are critical of those who do. So what's new?