How Do You Explain It?

  "Mother Nature" operates in strange fashions. In one part of the world there is record heat. In another the people are experiencing record cold. Why it rains heavily in one section but seems to avoid other parts is difficult to determine. How do you explain it? Maybe those of the weather bureau have some kind of scientific explanation for what happens but even they have no explanation why it happens. I have decided I can't explain it and won't even try. It is just another instance how man, in spite of all his wisdom, is not able to unravel the operations of nature that God has set in motion. He shows himself foolish to think he can control such things.

  But we don't have to understand nature to understand our duty to God. What God has commanded of mankind is not that difficult to grasp. The difficult part is man's unwillingness to let God be God. He seems to prefer to be his own god as if he has that right. Someday he shall see his folly.