How High is Up?

  Who can measure how high is up? Man has gone into what is called "outer space" but that is only a fraction of the space that is actually "out there."  Scientists claim to be able to measure distance to planets in terms of millions of miles and this is largely speculation, but the fact remains they cannot measure this universe that God spoke into existence as recorded in Genesis one. Nobody can know how high is up.

  But this is the analogy God uses to show to man how immeasurable is the mercy of God toward those that fear (respect) Him (Psalm 103:11). The benefits of God's mercy are extended to all mankind but the recipients of those benefits are those who show their respect for Him. How grateful we can be for mercy of God which is "from everlasting to everlasting" (Psalm 103:17). We must make sure we are among those who keep His commandments to do them (Psalm 103:18)..