How Jeremiah Felt

  The prophet Jeremiah had a most difficult task. He had to condemn the sins of Judah, show them what God wanted, and knew all the while that the people would not give heed to his words and would continue their path to a self-imposed destruction. His hatred for sin was only surpassed by his love for his country and its people. Yet, in spite of everything, things went from bad to worse until Babylon took them away into captivity. He is rightly called the weeping prophet as is evidenced by Lamentations.

  Today we see the way of the Lord plowed under by our government and the people generally. How can we expect God's blessings to continue when we choose as leaders those who habitually lie, promote perversion, endorse baby-killing, make mockery of anything called Christian, play the "race card" constantly while denouncing racism, appoint the lowest element of people to prominent places and run the nation into bankruptcy by large pay-offs to political hacks. Only when the majority of people realize the manners of Chicago-type thugs who run the country and drive them from power (any way is justified) can we expect our freedoms to survive.

  I feel like Jeremiah must have felt to live in a time and see so much that should be held near and dear be forced away by gangland crooks. It's not likely that God will bless America. I hope, for descendants sake, God will save America long enough to get rid of the spiritual servants of Satan that presently rule. My concern is not political but spiritual.