How Many Did Herod Kill?

  We read in Matthew how Herod (after the wise men returned not giving him the location of baby Jesus) was determined to destroy the child and ordered the slaughter of all children around Bethlehem from two years old and under. This brutal act had been prophesied by Jeremiah (Jer. 31: 15; Matt. 2 : 17, 18). How many babies were killed we are not told.

  Then why ask? It is because I heard on the History Channel a skeptical "scholar" say that thousands of babies were killed. He does not know that. Furthermore, most estimate that the entire population of Bethlehem was probably not a thousand. Likely fewer than twenty babies were killed. So much ridiculous stuff about the Bible can be heard and seen over television.

  But that is still horrible. If one of them had been mine it would have been a huge number. But wiser-than-God "scholars" who profess to discuss "Biblical history" are about as reliable as a snowball in August in Florida.