How More Than How Much

  That we are to give of our material means to the cause of Christ need not be argued. We honor God with our substance (Prov. 3:9). We are taught how to give when Paul teaches to give liberally, willingly, as we have prospered, not grudgingly but cheerfully (1 Cor. 15; 2 Cor. 8,9). All these things have to do with the attitude of heart and how we give.

  When I study the words of Jesus regarding the widow's mite, and take note that no percentage is specified regarding the amount, I come to the conclusion that how we give is more important than how much. This does not mean we can "short-change" the Lord. But it is another manifestation of how the Lord is concerned with the quality of the heart.

  When the heart is right and the how is learned the how much will follow as it should be. Consider those in Macedonia who were in poverty but gave liberally. It provokes us to examine our hearts before we determine the amount we give.