How They Were Treated

  In Luke 20 when Jesus was answering His critics regarding His authority, He told the parable of the man who had a vineyard and sent his servants to the husbandman to receive what was due him. But each servant he sent was maltreated by those to whom he was sent, rejecting the authority of the owner, and taking for themselves whatever they wished. Jesus showed how this was the way men had treated the messengers of God's Word down through the years, even rejecting the Son when He was sent.

  The world just does not and will not look with favor upon our Lord because the righteous demands He makes on people transgresses their wicked and evil heart and lives. Those who do their best to live according to the way of spiritual life in Christ will often be treated like the servants and Son of this parable.

  However discomforting this reality is, the glory that shall belong to the faithful will far overshadow the mistreatment they receive from the servants of the devil; and there are many of them. Rejoice today in this truth!