How Things Have Changed

  There have been many times when I have taken issue with Baptist doctrine because it violated the teaching of Scripture. But for the most part they have been committed to the doctrine of the deity of Jesus Christ. Surely, many of them still believe that. But the fact that they will allow voices among them that deny that fundamental truth and materials distributed that contradict what Scripture teaches on this point is appalling.

  Most denominations only give lip-service to the Bible anyway. Their creeds, manuals, catechisms, confessionals, disciplines, prayer books, etc. etc. have always been given preference to Scripture. So this is but an extension of Protestantism in its usual display of falsehood.

  The absurdity of the denial is evidenced by the acceptance of Jesus as guide and savior of some sort and at the same time accuse Him of lying, deceiving and misrepresenting Himself as the Son of God. It has always been true. Those who deny what Scripture teaches contend for the most ridiculous positions imaginable.