How to Treat the Preacher

  Instead of a brief article like this, I could write a book on this subject. It would not be a "martyr's" wail either. Many of us are most blessed in spite of some things we have had to encounter. Most preachers can cite example after example of mistreatment from members, especially dictatorial elders who think they have been elected lords and evidently feel their mission as an elder is to browbeat the preacher and flaunt their authority by ripping him..

  No only is there often a lack of proper support financially, but the expectations on him and his family are so overwhelming they can be borne only with great sacrifice and difficulty. The lies, gossip, criticism and betrayal that is seen too often will cost some "Christians" their soul. As stated, mountains of examples can be produced to show how the life and work of a gospel preacher is often made more difficult because of his "loving" brethren who beat him to death.

  This is not always the case. Thousands of gospel preachers would never exchange their place for all this world because they are committed to the gospel. Many brethren appreciate what they try their best to do for the souls of men and show that appreciation. It is those glaring demonstrations of "big-shot-itus" from "little people in big places" that think they know better than anybody about anything smears the pages.

  God had but one Son, and He was a preacher.