How Will They Know?:

(I liked it so I copied it from the Leoni bulletin. Maybe you will like it too.)

I felt discouraged and lonely today,                                           Unimportant, forgotten and blue;                                                             When in the mail came a short little note                                               That said, "I'm thinking of you.                                                                  I haven't seen you in quite a long time,                                                 And I miss your dear, cheery smile,                                                         But how will you know I'm thinking of you                                               If I don't tell you once in a while?"

It set me to thinking when I got that note,                                             How much those words meant to me,                                                   And they brightened my day (and they certainly did),                            How much happier others would be                                                          If we showed them our love and told them we cared                                 With kind words and a warm, friendly smile.                                          For how else will they know we are thinking of them                                If we don't tell them once in a while.