Hypocritical Turncoats

  A turncoat is one who switches to an opposing side or party. Turncoats are traitors. Judas is an example of a turncoat. Those who seek their own power at the expense of the nation's security are turncoats. Those who give aid and comfort to the enemy are turncoats. And they are hypocrites because they pretend to be loyal but are not. History has produced many of them.

  Are there such people in religion? YES. They profess to follow Christ but give their support to people and political parties that defy the doctrine of Christ. They are hypocritical turncoats. This is not politics but application of the rules of faithfulness.

  Please explain how one can support those who support abortion, sexual perversion, immoralities of various kinds, be anti-God, promote same-sex marriage, suppress Christianity, (which is the hallmark of some political systems) and claim to be faithful to Christ. Hypocritical turncoats describes them.