I Can Believe It

  Few things seem to shock many people anymore but the affairs in our nation and also the church have caused some to exclaim, "I just can't believe what I am hearing is actually being said and done." Because of the communistic, racist, atheistic, vulgar, liberal, profane speech and behavior coming from politicians, religious leaders, most media, entertainers, "educators," etc. some are shocked at the low level to which so many who receive notoriety have sunk. While I strongly disapprove of what is going on, I can believe it is taking place.

  The reason I can believe it is because, like those who have followed the affairs so dominant in society over the past decades, I have noticed how degenerate and depraved things have become. What we hear and see is not new. It is just so many are so slow to wake up and realize what a dire danger our freedoms, the church, and even a reasonable level of tolerable society are suffering from elements within and without our borders..