I Know Why

  Cold weather has a very detrimental effect on me physically. My breathing apparatus gets out of step. But somehow I have come to expect cold air during the winter ( I always was strange). Al Gore may change that for us if he keeps flying around the world telling everybody to ride their bicycles.

  In passing conversation I hear some ask, "Why did it turn so cold?"  To many the temperature in Tennessee is NEVER cold by comparison. But it gets cold to many of us nonetheless. But I have the answer why that is.

  No, I didn't discover it by myself. I had help from the kooks of the world and the radical dunces of government domination. It has turned cold because of global warming. This is what the "experts" say. I am ashamed I could not figure that out by myself. Somehow I thought the rotation of weather as God designed it had something to do with it. I forgot God doesn't have a place with many anymore; only carbon credits.  Now I know it's cold because of my neighbor's SUV.