I Stand Amazed

  You might think a person approaching eight decades of life would find few things that really amaze him because he has heard and seen so much of this world's evil paraded around like evil is good. But I still am overwhelmed to see things that nearly everybody used to think was so wicked that it did not even come up in conversation. But today these same degenerate activities dominate the halls of government, government officials that don't seem to have any morals whatsoever, filthy language all over television, God-haters strutting about on campuses, and displays of the lowest forms of immorality by celebrities.

  The president has a hard time finding people for his government that have paid their taxes. They say, "I'm sorry," and everything is all right. Wonder if you and I can get away with such lawlessness and unethical behavior? I know one thing that does not amaze me. God's will is right and those who violate it will someday see the folly of their smutty ways.