If It Is True, Then Why Not?

  Some contend something is true but balk at following through with it. In an effort to discount there is one church some say, "There is good in all churches."  Then why not join many churches and get the good from each one? Nobody ever does that and churches do not allow that. Why?

  If it is true that the church does not save you, then why join any of them? The church IS the saved. It is not a denomination. Such is NEVER authorized in Scripture. But people join some church but do not even consider it necessary. Why bother?

  "One church is as good as another," others say. If true why not be a member of this one for a while, then another one for a while, then a third? If it does not matter, then why join one to the exclusion of others?

  The church is the body of Christ. There is no salvation outside His body. His church is the only church and is superior to all others. You may not agree, but that does not change it. He is the Savior of the church (Ephesians 5: 23).