If That Isn't Love

  This illustration of the love of Christ for us I heard today and I think it is most appropriate. The sister of a small boy would die if she did not get a blood transfusion. She had a rare blood type and his was the same, so he consented to give her his blood. Both were laid on the operating tables and the transfusion was begun. The little girl soon responded well and the doctor said she would be fine. But the boy was quiet.

  He asked the doctor how long it would be before he died. He thought giving his blood would mean he would die. But he did it anyway, lovingly, willingly and without a whimper. Is not this somewhat like what Jesus did for us?

  The little boy was assured he would live but he had saved his sister. If that is not selfless, sacrificial and boundless love, how could you ever find it? Greater love does not exist than that which our Lord demonstrated.