Ignorant Host and Caller

  While driving home late at night recently I tuned to a radio talk show where the host and one of his callers were discussing the Jews. The caller said God said He would save the Jews, in fact the only nation God promised to save was the Jews. He recalled how Nehemiah had rebuilt Solomon's temple. The host was appalled that anybody would think it proper for Christians to try to convert Jews. All religions are fine with him. He asked the caller in what book of the Bible he could read about Nehemiah. You never heard a more bombastic barrage of Biblical misinformation in your life coming from two who talked so authoritatively and with absolute certainty.

  Of course, God used the Jews to bring the way of salvation through Christ into reality. But neither the Jews nor any other nation is promised salvation. We shall be judged, not as a nation, family, race, gender, etc. but as individuals. Nehemiah did not rebuild Solomon's temple. Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. The host did not know there was a book in the Bible called Nehemiah. He condemned attempts to convert people to Christ. He said the Bible opposed changing people from their religion.

  I took it for a while but turned it off. It was so typical of American Biblical knowledge and egotistical wisdom. Not only the ignorance, but the glaring arrogance and superiority displayed by both idiots was nauseating.