Do you remember a few years back when someone invented the joke that illegal simply meant a "sick bird?" Not a very good joke but I think many must have about that much perception to its meaning as that. Being reared at a time when words had meaning I was taught to believe illegal meant a violation of law. Somewhere through the years those who wanted to violate the law with impunity changed the meaning to simply mean a way of getting what you want without regard to the law.

  With people flowing over our borders illegally, and probably an illegal alien as President, the meaning of the term is sure to wait a while before it recovers. Criminals never consider what they do to be illegal because to them laws simply impede them from doing whatever they want.

  Of course, millions are being taught from the cradle that obeying laws is not for this age. Especially are God's laws optional. If you want to anything at all, just become your own "lawmaker" and "judge" and go ahead. After all, that's what our political and religious leaders are doing. Seems I heard of another nation like that; ancient Israel. How did they come out?